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Agarbatti, or incense, is a product that releases fragrant smoke when burned. It is often used for religious, spiritual, or aromatic purposes. Various items related to agarbatti or incense include:

  1. Agarbatti Sticks: The actual incense sticks that are made by rolling a paste of aromatic materials around a bamboo stick.
  2. Incense Cones: Cone-shaped incense that offers a different burning experience compared to sticks.
  3. Dhoop Sticks: Thick incense sticks, often used in religious ceremonies.
  4. Incense Holders: Devices designed to hold and catch the ash from burning incense sticks or cones.
  5. Incense Burners: Containers or plates specifically designed for safely burning incense.
  6. Incense Ash Catchers: Trays or containers that catch the ash produced while burning incense.
  7. Aromatic Oils: Some people use essential oils or fragrance oils to enhance the aroma when burning incense.
  8. Incense Powders: Powdered forms of incense that can be used in different ways, such as sprinkling over charcoal.
  9. Charcoal Tablets: Used in certain types of incense practices, where the incense is placed on a hot charcoal disc to release the fragrance.
  10. Incense Resin: Natural plant resins that can be burned to produce a fragrant smoke.
  11. Agarbatti Making Kits: DIY kits for making your own incense sticks at home.

These items are commonly used in various cultural, spiritual, and religious practices, as well as for personal enjoyment and relaxation. Different cultures and traditions have their own specific types of incense and methods of use. When using incense, it’s essential to do so in a well-ventilated area and follow safety precautions to prevent fire hazards.

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Agarpathi Items